Festive season roadblock

Festive season roadblock

On Friday, 6 December the Mkhondo Local Municipality in collaboration with the Mkhondo SAPS launched a Festive Season roadblock.

The goal of this festive season roadblock is to ensure that all road users of Mkhondo are abiding to the law in all aspects. They checked for expired licences, if drivers had any outstanding fines, if vehicles were roadworthy and if any drivers were driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

This festive season roadblock will play an important role in road safety during the festive season.

Before leaving home for the holidays, be sure to check your vehicle’s tyres and lights, they should be in working condition at all times. Always have a spare tyre in your vehicle.

Pay any outstanding fines, so that if you should be pulled over at a roadblock, you are not held liable for anything. Make sure that your licence will not expire over the holidays, if it is going to, renew it before you leave town.

Stay within the assigned speed limits and do not take any unnecessary chances on the road.

Stay alert, stay alive!

Festive season roadblock
Colonel Thela, Station Commander of the Mkhondo SAPS, with his fellow public servants