Touch Rugby Tournament - 7's Touchies

From Tuesday, 22 October to Tuesday 19, November 16 rugby teams participated in a 7’s Touchies fundraising project at the Piet Retief Rugby Club.

This 7’s Touchies Rugby Tournament was held as a fundraising initiative for PRHS’s rugby players who will tour to Japan in 2020. Players from as young as 11 and as mature as 55 took part and some of the players had never before played rugby in their lives.

After weeks of playing 7’s Touchies every Tuesday and Thursday, Amsterdam was crowned as the ultimate winners and received a trophy for their victory. The All Blacks came second and the Piet Retief Primary School teachers ended third.

Mpact’s team won the prize for the team with the best attire as well as for the players with the best spirit. Bison Board received a prize for having the best team manager and the Thuthuka-team received the wooden spoon.

The referees of the tournament were some of the rugby players who are also going on the Japan tour. At times they found the task overwhelming but, soon they were at ease in their new positions.

During this rugby festival, approximately R61 000-00 was raised, which means that the squad still needs about R150 000-00 in order for all the boys and their coaches to travel to Japan.

This tournament was such a great success that some members of the community have requested that it turns into a yearly event.

Thank you to all who supported the festival and for bringing the boys so much closer to their end goal.