SEDA Training to enrich young farmers

SEDA Training to enrich young farmers

Between 7 and 11 October, young farmers in the Mkhondo area acquired ‘Tendering to secure Business’ training from SEDA (Small Enterprise Development Agency).

The SEDA training took place at the Amsterdam Environmental Centre and was presented by Mr Simon Makhabane.

The trainees mastered the following modules:

  1. Introduction to tendering
  2. Marketing and tendering
  3. Concept of tendering
  4. Tendering process
  5. Analyzing tender documents
  6. Calculating tender costs, revenue and profits
  7. Forming joint ventures
  8. Government – Supply chain management compliance

This course was facilitated by Phakama Consulting Company, who was appointed by SEDA.

These young farmers are grateful for the opportunity that was afforded to them to broaden their knowledge on the tendering procedures. They are now able to do business with both the private and public sector.

We hope that they will use this SEDA information to better the economy in Mkhondo.