Attempted robbery at Piet Retief Post Office

Piet Retief Post Office

During the early morning hours of Friday, 1 November a pack of thieves tried to rob the Piet Retief Post Office.

It is presumed that the thieves entered the building in search of money that was allegedly being kept in the building.

They could not get past the security measures that were taken by the management of the Post Office and fortunately, they were unable to execute the robbery.

According to sources, they damaged the building as they were entering it to try and get to the presumed money. The case is still under investigation.

Business owners and customers should be alert as it is that time of the year again. People often let down their guards in lieu of the approaching Christmas season. Extra precautions should be implemented by shop owners and customers alike! Remember, we still live in South Africa!

The communications department of the Piet Retief SAPS has recently informed the Excelsior News that they are no longer allowed to communicate with any media outlet, be it local or national media. These orders were allegedly sent to all precincts throughout South Africa.

This instruction apparently comes from the Minister of Police himself and no reason was given as to why talking to the media is all of a sudden an issue.

Are they implementing this rule in order to keep South Africans in the dark about the horrific rise in crime rates. Maybe it is because some media outlets don’t publish the correct information given by the SAPS and therefore they have decided it best to cut all information given through to the media.

The Excelsior News used to publish  only the facts on crime that takes place in the Mkhondo area, as received from the office of the Piet Retief SAPS. Now we are forced to resort to reports from the public.

How can we be expected to fight crime as a country if our own police service is keeping us in the dark about the newest scams and crime statistics?