Jacoline Maree Ballet School

Jacoline Maree Ballet School

On Thursday, 24 October and Friday 25 October, the students of the Jacoline Maree Ballet School presented a magical performance called The dance of the Silvermoon Fairy.

Their performance told the story of the Silvermoon Fairy (portrayed by Elne Labuschagne) and her sister, the Shimmering Forest Sprite (Nina Peters), who act as caregivers and protectors of all living things in the forest.

The Ballet School performance was absolutely breathtaking and a few parents and grandparents had to wipe away their tears. The concert included toddlers, tiny tots, pre-primary school children, high school children and even grown-ups.

A highlight of the evening was definitely when Jacoline Maree Ballet School went on stage with the Lady Bugs (Tiny Tots 1). All the performers looked exquisite in their costumes!

Thank you to all who supported this concert and thank you to TWK for sponsoring the plants that made the stage look so magical.

Jacoline Maree Ballet School
Jacoline Maree with the Lady Bugs