Filth-ridden Mkhondo

Mkhondo, has turned into a filth-ridden town

The once proud and beautiful town, Mkhondo, has turned into a filth-ridden shell of what it used to be many years ago.

While driving or strolling through town, it is easy to notice that Mkhondo is not getting the love and care that it deserves. There are missing stop signs all over town, which has been the cause of many accidents and injuries. The roads are dilapidated and almost impossible to drive on and the sidewalks are full of building rubble, garbage and informal hawker stalls.

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The community asked that the speed humps in Von Brandis Street be painted and for months, they are left only half completed. We begged that missing stop signs be replaced to decrease the amount of accidents in town and one or two get replaced, whilst the rest are still missing in action.

Only some streetlights are working and some are beyond repair. What about the people who have to walk home at night?

Summer is here and with that, normally comes a lot of rainfall. The storm-water drains in town look terrible and serve no purpose, maybe to only hold bottles and litter!

After months of begging, the bridge in Retief Street has still not been repaired and the honest truth is that one of the many children, who use that route to get to and from school, can easily fall off and get seriously injured.

Our parks have become a popular spot for alcohol and drug abuse, which goes hand in hand with loud music, vulgar language, littering and inappropriate behaviour. Another cause for concern: urinating and excrement and used condoms.

All of this is an absolute disgrace and yet, nothing is being done about it.

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The problem not only lies with service delivery from the Mkhondo Local Municipality. Businesses and some residents are discarding their garbage wherever and whenever they please and then they complain about the state of our town and want someone else to take care of their mess. Although it is the responsibility of the Mkhondo Local Municipality to keep sidewalks, wetlands, parks and roads clean and tidy, how can we expect of them to continuously clean up if we continuously destroy what they fix?

If we do not start working together, our town will deteriorate even more and in a few years, not much will be left. It is an extremely sad and desperate situation that we find ourselves in. Let’s change it before it’s too late!

Where is your pride?