Victorious Women in Christ – 20 Year Celebration

Victorious Women in Christ a weekend of celebration

On Friday, 4 October at 18:00, a Victorious Women in Christ a weekend of celebration, spiritual growth and inspiration kicked off at Wellspring Ministries in Piet Retief.

On this night, Bennie Mostert, Peter Tarentaal and Graham Power each shared a message about revival. Bennie Mostert spoke about the history of prayer and the most radical revivals that have occurred throughout history and across the globe. Peter spoke about the power of prayer and about how important it is to pray for revival in our town and Graham shared his testimony with the crowd at the Victorious Women in Christ 20 Year Celebration.

People of all ages and backgrounds found the messages inspiring and those who attended the Victorious Women in Christ 20 Year Celebration testified that they could feel hearts changing around them. The night was the perfect start to a spectacular weekend.

On Saturday, at approximately 08:00, 120 men gathered at the Piet Retief NG Church and then travelled to a farm on the Ermelo road. They enjoyed a morning of praise and worship in a beautiful setting next to a waterfall, in the crisp morning air. After praise and worship, they received encouraging messages from Bennie Mostert, Pieter Tarentaal, Graham Power, Moss Ntlha and Hein Koegelenberg. The morning was brought to an end with a meal fit for a king – boerewors rolls and a cup of coffee. Each and every man who attended felt renewed and spiritually uplifted after the gathering.

While the men were busy on the farm, 260 women came together at Fontana Church for a Ladies Tea. The function started at 08:30 and started with praise and worship from an interdinominational band, made up of various artists from the different churches in town. The first message of the day was brought by Rolene Strauss, who talked about the importance of finding your identity in Christ and not in the eyes of the world and how she herself had struggled with this situation.

Khumo Moss, head of WOESA (Women in Oil and Energy South Africa) shared her testimony and how God had used her in places she would never have dreamed of being. She also shared an experience which had happened to her, that made her forgive those who had wronged her during the apartheid-era and shared her dream of a South Africa in which racism no longer is a factor. Hanneli Rupert-Koegelenberg brought the morning to an end with her words about the importance of knowing the Bible and how it should be your compass in life.

During a tea break, the ladies enjoyed delicious tarts and cakes along with a cup of tea or coffee. Each lady also received a gift pack and there was also a prayer box in which they could place prayer requests. The proceedings ended at 12:30.

The last event for the weekend was the gala event at Welverdiend. The VWIC-team went all out with decorating the hall and it looked absolutely stunning. Guests were greeted with a glass of champagne and entertained by school bands from Commondale Secondary School and Alfa and Omega School in front of the hall before they were called to their seats. A prayer was said to bless the evening and then guest speakers started their motivational talks.

A special moment occurred during a message from Moss Ntlha when he asked all the men in the room to stand up and ask for forgiveness from the women in their lives who they have wronged.

Another highlight of the evening was when Zile Dlamini, a woman who completed her studies after receiving a bursary with help from the VWIC, sang a rendition of “Houtkruis” in English, Afrikaans and Zulu. She truly has the voice of an angel.

Ms Anneke Rabe also gave some information about this organization and the good work that they do in our community, other parts of the country and even internationally. The VWIC then launched their brand new website on this evening.

Last but not least, a special choir that consisted out of the most beautiful women’s voices in Piet Retief, dazzled the crowd with their songs. They brought tears to the audience’s eyes and when they were done, they received a well-deserved standing ovation.

The food was delicious, the speakers interesting and the music out of this world. The gala event and the rest of the weekend was definitely a huge success.

Thank you for the work you continually do in our community and for hosting such an unforgettable motivational weekend and we all wish you only the best for the next 20 years – God bless you all!