The people vs Mkhondo SAPS

Mkhondo SAPS

On Friday, 11 October a crowd of angry residents gathered in front of the Mkhondo SAPS offices to make their complaints heard.

During the last few months, South Africa and we in Mkhondo have seen an alarming increase in violent behaviour against women and children and it seems that the problem is far from solved. The protestors, who gathered on Friday, are absolutely fed-up with the way that rape and abused victims are “assisted”.

Some complaints that were brought to light during the protest:

  • Police vehicles are allegedly used as taxis for hitchhikers, children of police officers or even prostitutes.
  • The protestors claim that it is nearly impossible to contact the Mkhondo SAPS offices when there is an emergency, their phone lines are busy or disconnected and when you get through to them, there are often no vehicles or officers available.
  • The protestors also alleged that patrolling by Mkhondo SAPS officers mostly occurs in the main parts of town and not in the townships, where their presence would make a substantial difference in the amount of criminal activities.
Mkhondo SAPS
These individuals were protesting for a positive difference

Furthermore, the demonstrators claim that the police officers and ranking officials of the Mkhondo SAPS do not get the correct training and guidance to deal with sensitive cases such as rape and abuse and because of this, they are just causing “more pain” to the already vulnerable victims.

One of their biggest demands during the protest, was that the current Station Commander of the Mkhondo SAPS, Captain Kanye, be removed from his position immediately and replaced by someone more equipped to handle and prevent violent cases. The demonstrators handed over a memorandum to the officers who were present and then gave them a week to respond to the allegations and come up with a plan to win the battle against violent crimes.

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