Excellent service after power outage

power outage

On Friday, 20 September, a transformer exploded at The Weeping Willow and caused a power outage in that area.

This power outage incident occurred at around 14:00 and after hours of struggling to get it repaired, the owners finally called Mrs Irene Brussow for assistance. At approximately 18:00, Mrs Brussow had organized a back-up transformer from the municipal stores, a crane to lift the heavy transformer and workers to help with the installation.

By 21:30 they had completed the installation and power was restored in the area. Not only did they work after hours on a Friday night, they also surprisingly had a back-up transformer specially for unexpected situations like these.

Thank you for going out of your way to restore the power, we hope to see more examples where the residents of Mkhondo receive such magnificent service.

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