Welcome RH Piet Retief Private Hospital

RH Piet Retief Private Hospital

RH Managers (Razorite Healthcare and Rehabilitation Managers) purchased the Life Piet Retief Private Hospital from Life Healthcare earlier this year.

We are now trading as RH Piet Retief Private Hospital.

The RH Group is made up of two entities  – RH Mangers which is an equity fund, and RH Bop-helo which is a listed company on the JSE.

The handover of the hospital was on 1 June 2019. All the staff who were previously permanently  employed were retained as permanent staff. The service providers have remained the same so no person lost their job.

The aim of RH Managers is to provide affordable private healthcare to the region of Mkhondo, Paul Pie-tersburg, Pongola and Swaziland. The hospital is intent on bringing specialists back to the region either on a full time or visiting basis so the community do not have to travel out of the province to seek further medical treatment.

At the same time the hospital will continue the good working relationship the hospital has with the  local doctors. As and when new specialists come to work at the hospital the community will be notified via the newspaper and their personal doctor.