Matric Farewell 2019

Matric Farewell 2019

On Thursday, 19 September, the matrics of Piet Retief High School looked absolutely stunning at their matric farewell 2019.

This glamorous Matric Farewell 2019 event took place at Welverdiend Hall and the theme of the evening was Black and White. As the matric learners arrived in their classy vehicles photographers captured their beautiful smiles and snazzy outfits. They then went on to entertain their family and friends by posing in their outfits a last time, before they entered the beautifully decorated hall.

They delighted in fingerlicking good food, danced to the beat of their favourite music and enjoyed the company of their friends and classmates. This evening was definitely one that they dreamt of for a long time.

P.R. Combined School matric farewell

Thank you to each and every parent who ensured that their child looked their best on this special evening. Thank you to all the sponsors, caterers and teachers who put so much time and effort into the preparations for the evening as well as making sure that nothing was left to chance.

“Dance before the music is over. Live before your life is over.” –Unknown

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