Beginner’s Day

Beginner’s Day at Piet Retief Primary School

Beginner’s Day at Piet Retief Primary School on Thursday, 3 October Piet Retief Primary School excitedly welcomed the students who will be joining them as Grade 1’s in 2020.

When parents and children gathered in the hall in which the proceedings started, they were amazed at the Beginner’s Day exhibits which showcased the work that the learners of the school do with the teachers.

“Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.”- Walter Elias Disney

The exhibits included art projects, examples of educational activities that take place in the classrooms and even the school’s robotics-programme (the first of its kind at a primary school in Mpumalanga). Parents and children then sat down and received a very important message from Exodus 20, which tells children about respecting their parents and the authorities in order to live a long and prosperous life.

The children were excited and well-behaved during the proceedings. Parents were also informed about the importance of good manners and how the foundation of ethics need to start at home.

Those who attended then got to enjoy performances from the talented learners of the school, such as songs sung by the school’s junior choir, after which they were introduced to the two teachers who will be taking the future grade ones under their wings.

The children then left the hall and went on a scavenger-hunt, which ended with each of them receiving a packet of sweets from the school’s tuck shop.

This Beginner’s Day was perfect for putting parents’ minds at ease about sending their little ones to the “big school” in the new year. It was also the perfect opportunity for the new learners to become familiar with the surroundings in which they will receive their future education.

All-in-all it was a successful day. The teachers, students and governing body of the school are excited to welcome these scholars to their family in 2020!

And parents, your children will be in good hands!