Water pipes burst in Theo Mocke Street

two water pipes burst in Theo Mocke Street

On Wednesday, 28 August, two water pipes burst in Theo Mocke Street and created a slippery hazard for motorists.

The water from the one burst pipe was streaming into Theo Mocke Street, all the way around the corner into Kotze Street and the water from the second burst pipe flowed into the parking area of the Woodhill Shopping Centre. Fortunately, the Mkhondo Local Municipality sent out their workers as soon as they were notified about the situation.

The faulty pipes were quickly found and repaired in a flash. A job well done!

two water pipes burst in Theo Mocke Street
A job well done

Over the last few months, Mkhondo has had a big problem with water pipes bursting all over town. It is unrealistic to expect that our municipality would be able to replace and repair all of the pipes at once but, should a detailed plan not be put into place to start somewhere?

The state of our water pipes is starting to influence our water supply and if something is not done, we could soon have a water crisis on our hands.

Water is one of our most precious resources and it should not be wasted. By losing thousands of litres of water when a pipe bursts, we are being irresponsible and wasteful.

Please consider starting to replace the water pipes in Mkhondo!

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