SRWP demands service delivery!

SRWP demands service delivery

On Tuesday, 20 August, members of the Socialist Revolutionary Workers’ Party (SRWP) marched to the Mkhondo Local Municipality’s offices to get their demands heard.

During the march, they read a memorandum to the Municipal Manager, Mr Maqhawe Kunene, which stated their complaints regarding the Klein-Vrystaat road leading to the Emahlathini Border Post. A strong police presence was visible and the protesters kept it a peaceful affair.

According to the SRWP, the road is barely usable. A similar memorandum was handed over to the municipality in 2017, but no improvements have been made in two years and members of the community are fed up with the poor service delivery from the municipality.

SRWP demands service deliveryCars are breaking down on a daily basis because of the potholes in the road and many accidents have occurred in the last few months where vehicles were damaged beyond repair, lives were lost and many people were injured. During the summer months, school buses get stuck in the mud, caused by the rain, and the children have missed school for days. Why is this road still not tarred and why did the municipality not repair the roads two years ago?

Members of the SAWP are threatening to close the Emahlathini Border Post if a response to their memorandum is not given within the week.

Given the seriousness of the situation, we hope that a response and improvements will be made soon.