Spartan Beast Race

Spartan Beast Race

Congratulations to Piet Retief’s own clan of Spartans who completed the 21 kilometre Spartan Beast Race with 30 obstacles on Saturday, 17 August.

The four brave men who competed got a whole lot more than they expected but nonetheless have shown excellent sportsmanship.

History behind the Spartan Race:

The Spartan Race began as a spin-off of the Death Race, a 48-hour endurance event founded in 2004. Spartan which was founded by De Sena, intended to be a more manageable endurance race for a wider audience.

The first Spartan Race event was held in 2010 at the Catamount Outdoor Centre in Williston, Vermont. Roughly 500 competitors had to run, crawl, jump and swim and overcome a variety of obstacles. All finishers received a medal, and prizes were awarded to the top athletes.

The 2019 South African Spartan Race offered athletes an opportunity to take part in the following races with a variety of difficulty levels:

  1. Sprint – 5 kilometres with 20 obstacles.
  2. Super – 13 kilometres with 25 obstacles.
  3. Beast – 21 kilometres with 30 obstacles.

From the beast’s mouth:

Janus Pretorius– “Brutal test of physical strength and mental endurance.”

Jaco van Tonder– “Test of the human spirit and the will to succeed against all odds.”

Kenhard van Barneveld– “A race that tested us physically and emotionally beyond our breaking points.”

Marno Nel– “Tested beyond all physical and emotional limits.”

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