SAPS members roping in the awards

SAPS members roping in the awards

Between 3-10 August, Constable Zabane of the Sheepmoor SAPS took part in the South African Combat Rifle Association (SACRA) national championship in Bloemfontein.

The competition was held at the Generaal De Wet Shooting Range and 301 members of the SAPS, SANDF, Air Force, Metro Police and Correctional Services took part in the event. Constable Zabane, who was a member of the Mpumalanga Police A-Team, received a gold medal for the 300m sustained fire, a silver medal in the 300m sustained fire (prone position) and a bronze medal in the 100m rapid (sitting position).

SAPS members roping in the awardsHis team also came in second in the counter terrorist match 200m snap (standing, kneeling and squatting positions). As a result of his performance, he has been chosen as part of the national SAPS touring team.

Congratulations on your great achievement! On Friday, 6 September, Warrant Officer Terblanche a DLO, received a certificate at the Tracker/ SAPS Provincial Awards in Nelspruit as recognition for the work he does in combating vehicle related crimes.

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The certificate was handed over to him by Provincial Commissioner, Lt. General Mondli Zuma and Ron Knott-Craig of the Tracker Operational Services – what a great honour! Information provided by Constable Sibiya of the Mkhondo SAPS.



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