Project cleanup begins

Project cleanup begins

On Thursday, 12 September, our pleas didn’t fall on deaf ears when the Mkhondo Traffic Department’s officers started removing the bodies of vehicles that have been left on the sidewalks of Kempville to rust.

The Excelsior News has reported on this project cleanup issue multiple times and just when we thought that it is a lost cause and nothing was going to be done about it, the heroes in brown stepped in to take control of the situation.

With assistance from a local towing company, project cleanup started to remove the dilapidated vehicles one by one. As Project cleanup was busy towing the cars, some business owners in that area started to carry the bodies of some of their cars (that were parked on the sidewalks) into their business stands, so that the vehicles could not be removed by the tow trucks.

According to the traffic control officers, they started warning these business owners about the impending operation on Monday, 9 September, but the business owners did not expect that they would really confiscate the vehicles and thus, they did nothing about it.

The sidewalks in Kempville looked considerably better after the cleanup, but on Sunday, 15 September, cars were being fixed on the sidewalks once again.  When will this stop?

Furthermore, only the cars on one street was removed but, in other parts of Kempville they are still restricting access to the sidewalks. We hope that those cars will also be removed as soon as possible.

Thank you for finally doing something about the sidewalks in Kempville. We sure hope that this will become a regular occurrence. Maybe this might lead to restoring the former pride in that side of town.

21 December 2018

Residents staying at the corner of Klip – and Von Brandis Street set the bar high as they are continuing to show us all what a clean and well maintained living space looks like.

On numerous occasions, they are seen busy cleaning the field and cutting the grass. Should we all not take note of this and keep our own living areas neat and tidy? Why should one revert to shifting the blame?

By picking up rubbish on your pavement or cutting the grass in the field opposite your property will certainly not kill you. It is often easy to say “but it is not my job” and “look at this mess”. People get angry when they see piles of rubbish in a field or overgrown vegetation in an empty yard which creates the perfect hiding place for criminals – the question is, are you actually doing your part before you start complaining?

What will become of our beautiful earth if we don’t take care of it?

Yes, there are people being paid to get the job done, but are you willing to set the example for others to follow? Or are you the one walking past rubbish on a sidewalk and turning a blind eye or do you bend down and pick it up?

src=”” alt=”well maintained living space” width=”800″ height=”525″ /> Keeping your environment clean will set the example for others who will follow in your footsteps

When you drive (or walk) in residential areas where people take the initiative to clean and maintain areas around their property, it makes one proud and leaves you with a positive mindset where you also would like to make a difference – that is what setting an example means.

Do your part in our society and you will see that it will cause a positive ripple effect. It all starts with a small step in the right direction.

27 March 2020

Stay off my sidewalk!

Kate-Merie Ferreira

Some residents of Mkhondo have taken extreme measures to ensure that people stay off of their sidewalks.

 These home owners have resorted to surrounding their sidewalks with stones, warning tape and even tyres. By doing this they are deliberately obstructing the path for pedestrians and forcing them to walk in the street.

Yes, you may be preventing an inconsiderate driver from parking his vehicle and blasting his music in front of your home but, you are also endangering the lives of innocent pedestrians.

Furthermore, motorists who now have to make sudden swerves to avoid colliding with pedestrians can easily cause an accident.

Sidewalks belong to the government and while it is okay for you to do your part and keep it tidy and clean, you may not obstruct them for your own personal gain.

Please think before you act!


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