Project: Clean up

Project: Clean up

On Friday, 16 August, municipal workers were on the side of the N2 Ermelo road, collecting garbage that was left strewn there by inconsiderate litterbugs.

At the end of the Project: Clean up session, they had collected plenty of bags full of rubbish, to dispose of in the correct way. By cleaning up along the side of the road, they have improved the lives of both animals and people. Until they have to do it all over again!

Some of the negative consequences of littering:

  1. Garbage on a highway can cause accidents – When a car swerves not to drive over rubbish lying on the road, they can lose control and people can get injured.
  2. Spoiled food thrown on the side of the road can poison innocent animals that consume it and when ingested, plastic can cause major internal damage.
  3. Paper and plastic materials tends to be extremely flammable and is a major fire hazard concern. Cigarette butts can also cause a fire if they are not put out completely.
  4. Most waste materials take hundreds of years to decompose and if they are not picked up, our future generations will still be dealing with our mess (

Thank you for spending your Project: Clean up picking up our garbage in the hot sun.

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