National Eisteddfod 2019

National Eisteddfod 2019
National Eisteddfod 2019

On the 2nd and 3rd of September, STAGEkidz: Mary Rowe’s Studio for Young Performers, hosted the fourth NEA Regional Eisteddfod.

The National Eisteddfod Academy (NEA) is a national arts festival for the performing and visual arts, headed by the CEO, Dr Francois van den Berg. Regional competitions are held nationwide, after all the results are received a provincial showcase for each area is held, where some of the best performances are presented with a prize-giving for the respective grade and category winners.

The highest award presented at a regional is a Junior Diploma for Grade 1-3, and a Diploma for Grade 4-12. These recipients, with the exclusion of novice and elementary instrumental items, automatically qualify for the Young Performers Showcase held in Johannesburg next year.

This year this prestigious arts festival was held at Piet Retief Primary School and St. John’s Anglican Church.

The Monday morning started off with choir song. Alpha and Omega school’s Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3 choirs received Silver Certificates. Luneburg Schule received a Gold Certificate ending off their repertoire with a sterling performance of “Sing Hallelujah” on a duet accompanied piano score. Maranatha Junior Choir received a Junior Diploma, with their fun-filled, feet stamping performance, and Maranatha Senior Choir a Silver Certificate. Piet Retief Primary School’s Junior Choir received a Gold Certificate and the Senior Choir was awarded a Diploma. Choir master and esteemed adjudicator, Surette Prinsloo, said she was impressed with the talents of this area.

Four instrumental ensembles performed thereafter. The Alpha and Omega School Marching Band and Drumline received a Gold Certificate for their pulsing beats. The Alpha and Omega School Tone Chimes received a Gold Certificate. The Wittenberg Guitar Ensemble, trained by Maika Lilje received a Gold Certificate and Wittenberg Schule Blockflotengruppe, under the musical guidance of Heidi Bohmer and Anje Taljaard, received a Diploma.

Individual Instrumental Performances:

Piet Retief Primary School: 1 Diploma; 1 Gold STAGEkidz: 1 Gold; 1 Silver

Wittenberg Schule: 3 Diplomas; 4 Gold; 1 Silver Private Entries: 2 Gold

For the vocal performances, Mia van Eeden, Liyah Marais and Elzé van Eeden received Gold in their individual performances. Christiaan Pienaar and Darius van Zyl mesmerized the audience with their duet and received a Gold certificate. Marco Britz received a well-deserved Diploma for his rendition of the Titanic theme song, “My heart will go on”.

The speech and drama section was adjudicated by Cecelia Cillie.

Orators Individual Performances:

Maranatha School: 1 Diploma, 1 Gold, 4 Silver STAGEkidz: 1 Diploma; 3 Gold; 2 Silver

Piet Retief High School: 1 Diploma

Piet Retief Primary School: 5 Diploma; 5 Gold; 1 Silver

Piet Retief Primary School, under the guidance of Roelien Labuschagne, also entered a group orators team, comprising of 50% Afrikaans and 50% English. Mohammed Bhyat, Miane de Bruin, Nkosinathi Mathenjwa and Kyra Wentzel received a Gold for their performance.

Both days were also filled with choral verse speaking, poetry, prose and monologues. As rhymes and meters resounded from the tongues of eager thespians, outstanding awards and commentary was certain.

Choral Verse Performances:

Alpha and Omega School: 2 Diplomas, 1 Silver Maranatha School: 6 Gold

Piet Retief Primary School: 1 Diploma

Individual Performances:

Maranatha School: 4 Diplomas; 11 Gold; 2 Silver

STAGEkidz: 5 Diplomas; 1 Gold, 1 Silver

Piet Retief Primary School: 3 Diplomas; 3 Gold; 2 Silver

Piet Retief High School: 6 Diplomas; 1 Gold (all learners were privately trained), Private Entries: 1 Silver

A mini-play of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”, a scene work of “The Mad Hatters Tea Party”, a puppet show of “Babela’s Adventures” and a “Dr Seuss Mash-Up” was staged by STAGEkidz: three Gold Certificates and 1 Silver Certificate was awarded.

In the dance section Bianca Hatting and Elne Labuschagne received Gold for their Modern Dance and Ballet Recital respectively. Warren Ball and Tayla Greyling received Silver for their Jazz Dance ensemble.

For more information on the Regional NEA, contact Mary Rowe on 082 466 0724.

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