Manyala – Disgusting – Afskuwelik
The disgusting state of the sidewalks in our town. Please do something about this!

Manyala. The situation in Kempville has not improved at all over the last few weeks. In fact, it seems that it is getting considerably worse.

No effort has been made to evict manyala hawkers, old cars or bush-mechanics from the sidewalks and residents of this area are getting fed up! The sidewalks still remain dilapidated and inaccessible.

Is Kempville Forgotten?

For how long is this going to stay a problem? Warnings and fines should be handed to these unlawful itinerant traders, and if they do not comply with the law and warnings, they should be removed.

We often hear about foreign owned shops that are getting raided because of a lack of or expired licences and stock, but we never hear the same happening to informal businesses. This does not seem fair at all, everyone should be treated equally.

When is this problem going to be resolved? Or will we still be writing about this a few months along the line? Action please.