Accident on Mark– and Hansen Street

Accident on Mark– and Hansen Street
The driver of the White Toyota pick-up LDV did not stop at the stop sign

The information regarding the following accidents was provided by Mr Anton Nortje, head of the Mkhondo Emergency Services. For more information, he can be contacted on 079 872 8989.

On Monday, 12 August at about 21:00, an accident occurred on the corner of Mark Street – and Hansen Street. The driver of a white Toyota pick-up LDV did not stop at the stop sign in Hansen Street and collided with the vehicle that was driving on Mark Street. No injuries were reported.

The Emergency Services were summoned to another accident on Monday, when the driver of a Ford Focus hit a stray cow on the Pongola Road, at approximately 23:45. No one sustained injuries.

On Tuesday, 13 August, the brakes of a truck failed and the driver then drove into a property on the corner of Botha – and Maritz Street. Both the truck and the house sustained considerable damage, fortunately no one was injured.

Another accident took place on Tuesday, on the corner of Kotze – and Du Toit Street. The driver of a vehicle did not stop at the stop sign, which resulted in a collision with a truck. One person sustained injuries during this accident.

On Friday, 16 August at 23:00, the driver of a white Volkswagen Golf was driving towards Ermelo when he lost control of his vehicle and caused it to overturn. Two individuals were seriously injured and two only sustained minor injuries.

On Sunday, 18 August, a Volkswagen Golf and Fiat pick-up truck were involved in an accident in Dlamini Street in Ethandakukhanya, at about 00:30. It is suspected that the drivers of these vehicles did not stop at the stop signs and then collided head-on. Four people were injured in this accident.

It is apparent that drivers are acting lawless and ignoring the road signs, causing accidents. Will this problem only start being taken seriously when a life is lost? We ask law enforcement officers to please pay attention to the problematic areas in town, where people are most prone to ignore road signs or where no road signs are in place.

To all residents of Mkhondo: STOP AT THE STOP SIGNS (if there are none, you know exactly where they were). If you are the cause of someone’s death during an accident, you will be charged with culpable homicide and possibly receive time in prison. Think before you act, one bad decision can change the course of your life forever.