Ndlela Secondary School’s learners win EMS quiz

Ndlela Secondary School’s learners win EMS quiz

On Monday, 26 August, three Grade 9 learners of Ndlela Secondary School took part in the sub-regional Economic and Management Sciences EMS quiz in Ermelo.

Kgatshe Lungile Palesa, Hlanze Smiso and Kunene Nolwazi Pamela dominated the other EMS quiz teams with their vast knowledge regarding EMS. Spectators, judges and other participants could see that they were well prepared and ready for action.

At the end of the event, they walked away as the overall winners, they also received a trophy for their teamwork and their educator, Mr B L Ndlangamandla, received a trophy of recognition for the part that he played in his team’s preparation.

The aim of the EMS quiz was to promote and encourage healthy academic competition amongst pupils and to give them the opportunity to showcase their entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of EMS.

Here are some of the questions that were asked during EMS quiz:

  • Who is Adam Smith? – He is considered the father of Free Market Capitalism and he published The Wealth of Nations in 1776.
  • What is The Invisible Hand? – A combination of self-interest and competition that should work together to regulate the market. Not the government.
  • What is Laissez Faire? – The government should not intervene in the marketplace.
  • Three economic questions that should be answered by all societies – What to produce; How to produce; Who gets to consume what is produced.

These quizzes are not for the faint-hearted or the unprepared, they take hard work and dedication.

The learners would like to thank Ms P A Vilane for her support while they were preparing for the quiz.

Kgatshe, Hlanze and Kunene secured their spot in the provincial level EMS quiz on 6 September, good luck!