Dagga confiscated
Dagga that was found in the vehicles

Dagga confiscated on Friday, 30 August, the Piet Retief SAPS was called out to the Commondale area by CPF members, Mr Mncube and Mr Nkosi who pointed out two Toyota bakkies that were travelling together on the Commondale road.

Dagga confiscated
One of the vehicles after the accident

Dagga confiscated on these two vehicles were traveling together and were both involved in an accident. They had large rolls of dagga inside, that is alleged to weigh 30 kilograms each. One of the vehicles carried three bags and the other had five bags inside.

The suspect in the white bakkie sustained serious injuries during the accident and was transported to Piet Retief Provincial Hospital and the driver of the second vehicle ran away and left the vehicle behind.

Both the vehicles were towed to the Piet Retief SAPS station.

It is still unknown how the accident happened and the case is still under investigation.