Condom roadblock

Condom roadblock
This operation was a "huge" success

On Friday, 16 August, a condom roadblock of another nature was held on the N2 Ermelo road, where officials were handing out condoms for women, to remind them that they have power over their own bodies.

Present at this condom roadblock was the Mkhondo SAPS, Mkhondo Traffic Department officials, speakers from neighbouring municipalities, SASSA and women in business.

Each person who passed through the roadblock received condoms. The goal of this operation was to remind women that when it comes to intimate relations, they have a choice to be safe. With the South African HIV rate as high as it is, this was a much needed reminder.

We hope that this has inspired the women of our town and passers-by to make an educated decision when it comes to their intimate relationships.

Condom Roadblock
Thank you for reminding women that we have a choice