Uzwelo blessed on Mandela-day

Uzwelo blessed on Mandela-day

Uzwelo Children’s Home was blessed abundantly on Mandela-day this year, with gifts from KFC and Boxer Supermarket. Uzwelo says thank you.

In honour of former president Nelson Mandela, Boxer donated a beautifully decorated cake for everyone to enjoy. KFC gave Uzwelo a huge donation of R110 000-00, a much needed injection of money that is sure to make a difference in the everyday lives of the children. They also donated plates, cups and utensils. Thank you!

Uzwelo blessed on Mandela-dayThe children and staff of Uzwelo often face hardships that we as outsiders will never understand. Many of these children were taken from their families due to abuse, neglect or extreme poverty and placed in the capable hands of the Uzwelo staff.

We repeatedly forget to take into consideration that the staff members also have to deal with the scars that were left on the children. Be it trust issues, nightmares because of abuse, malnutrition or behavioural issues. They handle all of this with love and patience, exactly what these children need. Indeed angels in disguise.

It requires a brave person to fulfill the duties of a caretaker, every day of the year, not just for 67 minutes on Mandela-day.

Thank you for your service and sacrifice, the world needs more people like you.

The Mpact Transformation Committee comes together annually to commemorate Mandela-day by pledging their time and resources to various community projects in and around Piet Retief and this year was no different.

The team took on the task of planting a vegetable garden at the Maphapheni Crèche. Some of the vegetables that were planted include cabbage, carrots, spinach and onions – which are all part of the children’s staple diet. The blocks used for the planting boxes were also purchased from local brick-makers in the Maphapheni community. This garden was donated not only to provide a sustainable garden for the crèche, but to also teach children about farming and growing their own vegetables at home.

Mpact also treated the staff and children to a little braai after all the hard gardening work.