Queuing for compensation

Queuing for compensation

On Thursday, 1 August, long queues formed outside local banks and businesses as workers came to collect their compensation for last month’s labour whilst others were queuing to receive their government grants.

Grants from the government play a big role in the lives of many South Africans and without it, many will not be able to make ends meet.

The following are government grants that you can apply for:

  1. Child support grant: The value of this grant is a mere R420-00, you are eligible for this grant if you are the prime caregiver of a child who also resides in South Africa and is under the age of 18 years. If you are single you must not earn more than R48 000-00 per annum (R4 000-00 per month) and, if you are married your combined income must not be more than R96 000-00 (R8 000-00 per month).
  2. Care dependency grant: This grant is given to caregivers of children with disabilities and has a value of R1 780-00. The child has to be under the age of 18 and must be declared permanently disabled by a medical officer. If you are single, you must not earn more than R202 800-00 per year (R16 900-00 per month) and if you are married your household cannot earn more than R405 600-00 per year (R33 800-00 monthly).
  3. Foster child grant: The foster child must be under the age of 18 and the grant is valued at R1 000-00 per month. You have to have a court order stating that you are a foster parent to the child in order to qualify.
  4. Disability grant: In order to be eligible for this grant, you have to be between 18 and 59 years old and be found medically (physical or mentally) unfit to work by a medical officer. The value of the grant is R1 789-00 per month.
  5. Grant in aid: This grant was put in place as an aid for those who are already receiving government grants but cannot take care of themselves and have to pay a full-time caregiver. The grant is R410-00 per month.
  6. Older person’s grant: You can apply for this grant if you are 60 years of age, or older. The grant amounts to R1 780-00 per month.

You can also apply for a Social relief or distress grant for a maximum of three months if a disaster has taken place (for example your house burned down), the breadwinner of the family has died or been sent to prison or if you need help while your grant application is being processed.

According to statistics, approximately one in five South Africans depend on government grants, that is roughly 17 million people.

How is our government able to support that many people?

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