New Scrapyard

New scrapyard in Kempville Piet Retief

It has come to our attention that old wrecks of what once was beautiful motorcars are being left on sidewalks, to rot? Especially in Kempville.

Informal “workshops” are being erected all over the area. Street mechanics work on the cars and then leave car parts, glass and more just lying around.

How can this be tolerated? Should the municipality not hand out written warnings to them, informing them that the scrapyard is unacceptable to trade in this way. If they don’t adhere to the request they should be fined and their scrap, the carcasses and old cars should be removed at their own cost.

People trading in workshops should tidy up the areas outside of their premises. The pavement is not your property.

Our town is turning into a dumping site with many people disregarding the law. Should an example not be made? We ask the municipality to act immediately.

There will not be anything left of our beautiful town in the end if we continue down this path . . .

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