Mkhondo in thick smoke

Mkhondo in thick smoke

On Friday, 19 July, two fires caused Mkhondo to be engulfed in a cloud of thick smoke, creating a dangerous situation for motorists.

The first fire was reported on a local forum at 11:00 and it was in a field next to Retief Street. The cause of the fire is just as unclear as the roads were to motorists because of all the smoke. It is suspected that an ignorant individual started the fire without thinking about the consequences, leaving others to take care of the mess it created.

Mkhondo in thick smoke
An inconsiderate person caused these flames

Another fire, also allegedly started by a troublemaker, was reported to the Mkhondo Emergency Services during Friday morning. Mr Anton Nortje and his team were on the scene to take control of the situation and to ensure that the fire did not get out of hand.

It is important to adjust your speed accordingly when driving through an area where smoke is clouding your visibility. Move out of the way so that Emergency Services vehicles can pass you, should you encounter them on the road and most important of all, do not start a fire where you are not supposed to!

Thank you to the personnel of the Emergency Services for tending to these fires in a professional way.