Five burst water pipes in a week

Five burst water pipes in a week

A burst water pipe in Anema Street left residents in some areas of Mkhondo without water for a second time in one week.

Residents reported the burst pipes early Thursday morning, 25 July, after they  noticed water running down the street. Municipal workers quickly arrived on the scene to investigate.

They had to dig through the tar road to reach the pipe and find the problem. Unfortunately for residents, the pipe was only repaired and the water restored by mid-afternoon.

The third water pipe burst in Von Brandis Street on Friday, 26 July, just after 16:00. Although residents were told that the entire town’s water supply would be switched off, only some areas had no water. Municipal workers tended to the pipe and it was quickly repaired.

On Saturday morning, 27 July, another water pipe (also in Von Brandis Street) gave problems. Fortunately the municipal workers could quickly repair the pipe and the residents in the area experienced no inconvenience.

The same could not be said for residents in Group 10 after a water problem was reported early on Sunday morning, 28 July. Municipal workers struggled to find the leak as there were no traces of a leakage above the ground. They could see the water running into the stormwater drains and they had to break them open to search for the leak.

After hours of hard work repairing places that looked like it could be the reason and turning on the water just to find that it was still leaking, they finally repaired the correct part of the pipe and by 24:00, they were done and the water was turned back on.

As if this was not enough, a water pipe in West End Street burst on Monday afternoon, 29 July. Repairs started immediately but, due to circumstances the pipe was only completely fixed by Tuesday morning, 30 July. The worst part is not that residents in that area of town had no water but, that the enormous hole that was dug in the road was left open and unattended for an unknown period of time.

This caused a very dangerous situation as the big heaps of sand next to the hole were not clearly visible in the dark and a few traffic cones were the only other indication of danger.

Have the water pipes in Mkhondo reached their time for replacement?

By late Tuesday afternoon, 30 July, residents were informed by the Mkhondo Local Municipality’s Water Division, that the Main Waterplant was not functioning to its full capacity and all reservoirs ran very low or empty. The plant was repaired and running again but, it would take several hours to fill up the reservoirs. They also warned residents that higher lever properties would take longer than lower level properties to receive water.

They said that water pressure would be affected and that water should be used sparingly.

Residents believed that this was the truth but, was it the full truth? Rumours suggested otherwise.