Uzwelo Children’s Home gives generously

Uzwelo Children’s Home giving donations to Piet Retief Hospital
Generosity is an important quality that should be embraced

On Thursday, 20 June 2019, staff members and children of Uzwelo Children’s Home reached out to the Piet Retief Hospital.

During this visit to the Piet Retief hospital Uzwelo Children’s Home handed over much needed gifts to the mothers of newborn babies, in celebration of Youth Day and to teach their children about generosity. Being generous is not an easy task, especially when you yourself have so little to give.

According to Wikipedia, generosity is the virtue of being unattached to material possessions, often symbolized by the giving of gifts. Generosity is regarded as a virtue by various world religions, and is often celebrated in cultural and religious ceremonies.

Being unattached to your material possessions is an important quality to possess, as worldly wealth and possessions can be taken from you at any time and without any notice.

We applaud the staff members of Uzwelo for imprinting such good values on the children, who are in dire need of the good examples that is being set for them.