N2 strike turns into big truck-stop

N2 turns into one big truck-stop.Truck driver's strike in Piet Retief
Rows of trucks on the N2, not able to move

Between 21 and 24 June 2019, truck owners and drivers were caught in the middle of a potent strike as truck drivers were forced off the road and their keys taken from them in one big truck-stop.

This truck-stop strike was orchestrated by members of ATDF (All Truck Drivers Forum), after being dissatisfied with the employment of foreign drivers by truck owners.  The main focus area for the strikers was the N2-road leading out of Ermelo but areas like Carolina had also been affected.

N2 turns into one big truck-stop.Truck driver's strike in Piet Retief
The flow of traffic was obstructed due to this strike

Trucks that were pulled off the road could not move for the whole weekend and some were forced to dump their coal, actually destined for power stations.

There was a heavy presence of police officials and the situation was carefully monitored. On Sunday, 23 June, the SAPS managed to recover some keys and the situation died down to a degree.

Negotiations with the ATDF were scheduled to take place on Monday, 24 June but, it seems like trucks are still being pulled over in an attempt to get their point across in an illegal way.

We suggest that truck drivers avoid these troubled areas until the issue is completely resolved, re-route your truck to avoid getting stuck in this tense situation. Light vehicles are not affected by this strike but it is advisable to drive carefully in these areas.