Stop stealing our stop signs

Disappearing Stop Signs?
Disappearing Stop Signs?

Stop stealing our stop signs

It seems that the newest trend amongst the youth of Piet Retief is to steal or damage stop signs and over the last couple of months approximately 30 signs have disappeared.

Piet Retief stolen Stop signs
Now the question is: when will the many missing signs be replaced?

Two high school students were spotted when they were in the process of removing the stop sign on the corner of Retief – and Von Brandis Street. The culprits were confronted but they ran away. Because they were recognized by the locals who confronted them, further steps will hopefully be taken against them.

Missing stop signs are not the only problem, other road signs are also missing and the white barrier lines have also faded to nothing. This creates an extremely dangerous situation for all (locals and visitors) road users. This was evident in the accident that took place on the corner of De Jager – and Draad Street, where 14 people were injured because of a stop sign that was not properly indicated.

Something drastically has to be done about this! For how long do we have to be content with minor to no repairs here and there? Action needs to be taken to fix this problem.

If you see someone removing or damaging road signs in Piet Retief, please report it to the SAPS immediately. It is unacceptable and these individuals should be held accountable for their actions.

Until such time that the signs are replaced, take extra care when driving around town.

In the previous edition of the Excelsior News, we reported on traffic signs that are run over and not repaired.

However, it has now come to our attention that the stop signs simply disappear after it has been run over. We expect the municipality to resurrect the signs after it has been run over, but it is not possible if the signs have simply vanished. It is believed that some of the residents in town might be collecting these signs for decoration of their rooms or homes.

The cost to purchased and install one sign alone is about R 1 000-00. Residents are urged not to remove these signs as it is the municipality’s property and it is more costly to provide a new sign as to re-install a sign that had been run over. If caught a fine will be issued.

A stop sign that had been run over and then “disappeared” the next day
A stop sign that had been run over and
then “disappeared” the next day