Soccer tournaments in Piet Retief
Congratulations to the winning team

From 15-22 June 2019, two soccer tournaments took place in Mkhondo in which local teams played their hearts out.

One of the Soccer Tournaments, The Protea Car Wash took place at the Eziphunzini Grounds in eThandukukhanya on Saturday, 15 June and Sunday, 16 June and the results were as follows:

Saturday 15 June:

  1. Shining Stars FC played against Greenfield Rangers, both teams scored 3 goals during the game and in the penalty shootout; Greenfield Rangers won 5-4.
  2. Citizen FC played against Roman FC, no one managed to score a goal during the game and a penalty shootout resulted in Roman FC winning 5-4.
  3. Abangazi played against United Brothers FC and United Brothers won 5-2.
  4. Young Stars FC played against Izilwane FC. Izilwane FC celebrated after a win of 5-0.

Sunday 16 June:

  1. Junior United FC played against PR Barcelona. Junior United FC won 4-2.
  2. In the first round of the semi-finals, Greenfield FC played against Roman FC and Roman FC won 4-1.
  3. The semi-finals continued as United Brothers FC played against Izilwane FC. Both teams scored two goals and in the penalty shootout United Brothers FC won 4-3.
  4. The last semi-final game was played by Junior United FC and Roman FC, both teams scored one goal and in the penalty shootout, Junior United FC won 4-3, securing their spot in the final.

United Brothers FC and Junior United FC played in the final. After an intense match wherein neither team could score a goal, Junior United FC reigned victorious after winning 4-3 with a penalty shootout.

The winning team received a sheep (imvu), a trophy and medals. The runners-up received silver medals and R300-00 and the team that came in third place received bronze medals.

The Njini Cup Tournament 2019 took place at the Nohhemu Sports Grounds in KwaNgema, Mkhondo. The results were as follows:

Saturday 15 June:

  1. Kunene FC against Atletico Madrid FC. 0-2
  2. Amapansula FC against Smakade Swallows FC. 2-0
  3. Vultures FC against Juventus FC. 3-1
  4. Peace Lovers FC against Real Stars FC. 3-1

Sunday 16 June:

  1. Multi Bombers FC against Spurs FC. 1-0
  2. Mandela Cross FC against Killers FC. 0-0, Mandela Cross FC won the penalty shootout 5-4
  3. Red Lion FC against New Stars FC. 5-0
  4. Peacemakers FC against HiFi FC. 4-0

Monday 17 June – Quarterfinals:

  1. Atletico Madrid FC against Amapansula FC. 3-3, Amapansula FC won the penalty shootout 5-4.
  2. Vultures FC against Peace Lovers FC. 0-0, Vultures FC won the penalty shootout 3-1.
  3. Multi Bombers FC against Mandela Cross FC. 1-4
  4. Red Lion FC against Peacemakers FC. 1-1, Red Lion won the penalty shootout 5-4.

Saturday 22 June – Semifinals:

  1. Amapansula FC against Vultures FC. 1-1, Amapansula won 5-4 in the penalty shootout.
  2. Mandela Cross FC against Red Lion FC. 2-2, Red Lion FC won 5-4 in the penalty shootout.

In third place for this tournament was Mandela Cross FC after beating Vultures 3-1. The finals were played between Amapansula and Red Lion and Amapansula took the cup with a final score of 2-1.

The winning team received a trophy, gold medals and R5 000-00, the runners-up received a trophy, silver medals and R2 000-00 and the third place team received bronze medals and R1 000-00.

Congratulations to all these talented players!