Piet Retief Mkhondo Municipality workers
Municipal workers do their job with a smile

Mkhondo Local Municipality workers are always ready to fix and repair any damaged pipes, sidewalks, roads and electrical lines around town.

This was no different when another burst water pipe was reported in Klopper Street on 16 July. The first report of low water pressure was reported on a local forum at around 07:00, and by 08:00 the local municipality workers were at the scene with their equipment, ready to repair the pipe.

We as mortals are inclined to focus on the negative side of things, often forgetting the good that people do.

Unfortunately the pipe was situated underneath a resident’s driveway and in order to fix it, they had to lift the bricks of the driveway.

It was hard work but, they did it with professionalism and a smile. It was fixed within the hour and water pressure was restored.

Thank you for the swift manner in which you handle these situations!