Mkondo Local Municipality launches Junior Council

Mkondo Local Municipality launches Junior Council

On Wednesday, 12 June, the Local Municipality successfully launched its Junior Council.

The Junior Council launch function was attended by learners from all circuits of the Mkhondo area, Councillors of Mkhondo Municipality, Mkhondo Addiction Rehabilitation Centre and the Department of Social Development.

The reason behind choosing a Junior Council was to promote the realisation of the rights of children in relation to their survival, development, growth and participation as entrenched in the constitution of South Africa. The aim of this launch was to elect 38 councillors from various schools in the area for the Municipality.

Of the 38 councillors that were chosen, three were chosen for a more serious position. Junior Cllr. Palesa Xaba of the Mkhondo Circuit was elected as the speaker of the Council, Junior Cllr. Nhlonipho Dube of the Amsterdam Circuit was elected as the Junior Executive Mayor of the Council and Junior Cllr. Nosipho Ngwenya of the Wakkerstroom Circuit was elected as the Chief Whip of the Council.

Mayor Nhlonipho Dube’s first task was to appoint three members for the Mayoral Committee. The following three members for the Junior Council were appointed: Junior Cllr. Khaya Shongwe of the Amsterdam Circuit, as MMC (Member of the Mayoral Committe) responsible for Education. Junior Cllr. Nondumiso Mbuyazi of the Mkhondo Circuit, as MMC responsible for Social Welfare of Children.

Junior Cllr. Minenhle Nkonyane of the Wakkerstroom Circuit, as MMC responsible for Child Protection. Messages of hope was delivered to them by various attendees and the children were afforded the opportunity to voice the challenges they face on a daily basis and the solutions they have in mind. Congratulations to all the councillors, and all the best for the big task ahead!