Livestock butchers

Livestock butchers

Livestock butchers. Cattle, sheep and goat farmers lose billions every year to marauding stock thieves.

Farmers are used to defending their farms against this evil, but now they have to implement even more extraordinary measures to protect their livestock from having prime cuts of meat butchered on the farms, while the animals are still alive.

Carte Blanche investigated these livestock butchers and this shifting, growing crime trend and the levels of animal cruelty that leaves behind grotesque carcasses, causing trauma for farmers and their employees.

This is what they found:

29 000 cases of stock theft are reported annually and another 80% of cases are not reported. The criminals cut the fences of the farm where they then brutally beat and leave some of the animals for dead.

This gruesome act happened in the Piet Retief area
This gruesome act happened in the Piet Retief area

Other animals are beheaded or cut and left to bleed to death. Animals that are in camps are chased into a corner where their shins are cut with sharp objects, these animals are then pushed to the ground and pieces of meat are cut out of them while they are still alive. This meat is then sold to informal settlements and butcheries.

Their ears are cut off and left at the scene so that the meat cannot be traced. The brutality of these crimes are horrendous and no animal should suffer such an ordeal. Famers are doing everything they can to protect their animals, but to what cost?

It seems that small towns are the biggest targets, since there are many back roads that can be used to escape. Authorities are urging victims to report any stock theft as this is the only way that attempts can be made to stop this horrible crime.

Source: Carte Blanche

Vehicle caught transporting bull

The cases in this article were reported to the SAPS during April and May 2019: Piet Retief, case no. 267/05/201.

On Monday, 27 May, at about 05:30, a white Isuzu bakkie with only a vehicle number plate in the front, was stopped by CPF members from Commondale. The vehicle was transporting one stolen cow.

The suspect ran away, leaving the vehicle and cargo behind. The cow was already dead. Dirkiesdorp, case no. 45/04/2019 Four stolen cattle, with a value of R25 000-00 were reported. All four were recovered in the field, grazing on their own. No arrest where made due to the lack of evidence. Dirkiesdorp , SAPS case no. 68/08/2015 Five cattle were reported stolen.

The white Isuzu bakkie carried one stolen cow
The white Isuzu bakkie carried one stolen cow

On Wednesday, 22 May 2019, SAPS members from Sheepmoor were conducting a roadblock in the Sheepmoor area when they arrested two male suspects that were transporting cattle to a livestock auction in Ermelo. The vehicle transported one bull that was traced back to stolen cattle from a case in 2015. Luckily the bull was branded and was returned to its lawful owner.

The other four cows were never retrieved. Amsterdam, case no. 17/05/2019 Eight cattle, with a value of R60 000 were reported stolen. The cows were under no supervision in a grazing camp when they were stolen. All the cattle were recovered. Amsterdam, case no. 24/05/2019 Four cattle, valued R33 000, were reported stolen. The cattle were without supervision in their grazing camp when they were stolen.

All four cows were recovered by the SAPS in a neighbouring grazing camp, where they were kept by the thieves. The stock theft unit commander, Captain Mbuyazi, is asking the community to appoint someone to look after their livestock, this will prevent theft and will also keep the animals off the public roads.

Also make sure that your animals are branded. On another serious note, the Piet Retief FCS unit had a successful conviction on a rape case. A 19-year old male has been sentenced to ten years imprisonment on the following case: Amsterdam, case no. 02/05/2018

On 2 May 2018, the victim – a 14- year old boy – did not go to school after the school bus did not pick him up. He was walking back home alone, when the suspect approached him. He grabbed the victim and dragged him to a stadium situated in Kwathandeka in Amsterdam. When they reached this isolated place, the victim was hit and fell down and the suspect raped him. The suspect later ran away.

On his way home the victim was helped by two ladies after he informed them of what had happened. He was taken to open a case docket at the SAPS. The victim was examined and the suspect was later arrested. The DNA results came back positive after a buccal swab was taken from the accused. Investigation officer Detective/ Constable Maduna handled the case. Thankfully justice has prevailed!