Improvements on traffic circle

Traffic circle in Piet Retief Mkhondo

During last week, some much needed safety improvements were made to the traffic circle on the N2 road, next to the Total.

These improvements include a street light in the middle of the circle, to improve visibility at night, indicators to show that a person is approaching the traffic circle as well as the propper yield lines on the road.

The circle is known as an accident hotspot as several traffic accidents have been reported there over the last couple of months, since the inception. We surely hope that these developments will make a difference in the situation.

The general rule is that any vehicle entering a circle must give way to any vehicles, bicycles or motorcycles already in the circle or approaching from the right. Slow down and give way to other vehicles that cross any yield line before you do. Be vigilant when entering the circle and be on the lookout for other vehicles also using the circle.