Good Samaritans are persons who do good deeds out of compassion and not because of any hope of a reward. The owners and staff of Ayob’s Build it Piet Retief are the embodiment of this phrase.

Every day, a group of school children form a queue outside of Build it, to receive a few slices of bread. For some, this serves as the only meal that they will receive during the course of the day. Something as simple as a few slices of bread is making a huge difference in their lives.

Many of these children are facing hardships we will never know about or understand. Poverty is all around us and if those who can, don’t help, what will become of these little ones? Thank you for the good work that you are doing! Mandela Day is unfortunately the only time that most individuals and busineses take care of the needy. Ayob’s Build it came to the realization that poverty is a year round occurance and we hope that more businesse will follow suit.