CMR Piet Retief needs assistance

CMR Piet Retief needs assistance in order to help

It is sad and the honest truth that a non-profitable organization like the CMR Piet Retief is struggling to keep head above water because of a lack of donations from the community, and unfortunately government grants are coming in months after they are supposed to.

The CMR Piet Retief team is not only actively helping the less fortunate in Piet Retief but, also people in other areas like Driefontein, Amsterdam and communities as far as Swaziland. It is getting more difficult for them to accommodate the needy as donations are only coming in slowly.

Many of their shelves, that are supposed to be stocked with clothes for those who approach them and ask for help, are currently empty. In June alone, more than 90 people asked for their help with clothing. Furthermore, about 35 people came in for food, something that is a basic human right.

At this moment, they are in dire need of children’s clothing as well as men’s clothing; sizes 28-34.

To donate any clothes, food or if you want to make a cash donation, please contact Elrie at the CMR Piet Retief on 017 826 3422. They are more than willing to collect any donations.