Back to school traffic

Back to school traffic

On Tuesday, 9 July 2019, the smiles on the faces of parents were noticeable as they dropped their children off at school after the long winter holiday. The back to school traffic was also noticeable as schools re-opened. 

After a well-deserved break from school activities, the learners are back and ready to take the new school term by storm. Teachers are also excited to be back and they are ready to enrich the minds of their pupils once again.

With each new school term, comes the wave of heavy school traffic. Luckily, the Mkhondo Traffic Department’s officers were prepared for this. They were at Piet Retief High School and Piet Retief Primary School directing traffic. This helped to ensure that all the learners get to school safely and, that the parents can have a hassle free drop-off.

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To all the learners that are back at school, be respectful towards your teachers. While you were off enjoying your holiday, they were busy preparing lessons for the new term. Pay attention in class and give your best in tests and on the sports field.