Walking to school alone is dangerous!

Walking to school alone is dangerous!

Children as young as five have been spotted walking to school alone in the streets of Mkhondo.

While it is understandable that in many cases, parents have no other choice but to see their children walking to school, letting them walk alone is where the problem sets in. These children are at high risk of falling victim to crimes such as human trafficking and rape.

They are completely defenseless against the dangers of the world and it is not fair to let them fend for themselves. To lower the risk of tragedy, rather let them walk to school in groups, preferably with older children that you know and trust, or take the time to walk with them.

If you are not able to walk with them on a daily basis, be sure to teach them the exact route that they need to take to and from school, not to accept a lift from strangers and also teach them where it is safe to cross the road.

Many children are at risk of traffic accidents because of not being knowledgeable. The safety of our children should be a priority, so be smart about it and teach your children to be smart about it as well!