Victorious Women in Christ outreach

Victorious Women in Christ

On Wednesday, 22 May 2019, the “Victorious Women in Christreached out to Ndlela Secondary School.

Although the 500 learners from this school have a busy schedule at this moment, because of exams, they still opened their hearts to the Victorious Women in Christ volunteers and what they had to say about God and His love for them. The learners were divided into three classes of boys and three classes of girls and the volunteers split into groups to be able to reach all the children.

The morning began with each class singing three songs of worship and then they settled down to receive a message of hope. The message of the day was about how to use the Bible and also about the problems caused when seeking love and acceptance in the wrong places.

Pastor Riaan de Bruyn, from Fontana, told the learners that they need to read the Bible, think about it, listen to it, talk about it and put it in their hearts, in order for it to make them strong and help them in their lives. He went on to tell them that they need to use the Bible as their guideline, in order for them to be successful. Next, the children did a small exercise to see how well they were paying attention. They had a blast and this made them eager to listen to what Pastor Franna had to say next.

Pastor Franna du Toit, also from Fontana, had the next word, and what he had to say could surely make a big impact on the lives of these young people. The pastor talked about a problem we all have, seeking the approval of our peers and comparing ourselves to others. “Why do we want to be like someone who also wants to be like someone else?”- Franna du Toit

Society is pressuring us to look up to people who don’t even care about us, everyone is seeking the approval of someone else, even famous people we may look up to. What we don’t realize is that we are already loved and accepted, by God. He went on to te tell them that the people that could have had the biggest impact on our world today, are most likely in their graves because of the choices they made to follow bad examples.

God puts the dreams and goals that we have in our hearts, even if people try to tell us that they are unrealistic and small. With His help and if we trust in Him, we can reach our goals. When all was said and done, the pastor invited the learners to change their lives and give themselves to Christ. This invitation was well received and many made the decision to do so.

They then each received a BiBible, a cupcake and juice. Thank you to all who participated and donated to this worthy cause. For more information or if you feel the urge to get involved with the Victorious Women in Christ group, feel free to contact Anneke Rabe on 083 297 5792.