Sewer pipes are making businesses unsanitary

Sewer pipes are making businesses unsanitary

A Piet Retief local has been reporting leaking sewer pipes on the premises of businesses for months now, with no efforts being made by owners or tenants to rectify the situation.

Shops that sell food and apartment buildings that house families should not have raw sewage leaking out of the pipes on their premises. The sewer pipes leakage poses a big health concern and is just downright disgusting.

Sewer pipes are making businesses unsanitary
Raw sewage leaking out of pipes

It is suspected that bribes are being paid to officials who visit these properties after receiving complaints. This causes the owners of businesses to get away with the unsanitary state of affairs on premises with no consequences. It is not only a health hazard for people buying from these businesses but also for employees that have to work in horrid conditions to earn money to provide for their families.

We urge health inspectors to take a closer look when visiting businesses and to make sure that everything is safe and up to standard. This is a serious problem that has to be dealt with before someone gets ill and it can’t be ignored any longer.