SAPS and AfriForum take hands

SAPS and AfriForum take hands

On Friday, 17 May 2019, the AfriForum team and the SAPS collaborated to make the streets of Mkhondo safer for its residents.

A total of 362 man-hours were put in by members of the community and the SAPS through patrolling the streets and holding roadblocks on the roads leading out of town. Some security companies also sent their employees to help during the evening. This outreach programme was a huge success as the heavy presence of the group made it difficult for wrongdoers to commit crimes.

SAPS and AfriForum take handsA total of five traffic tickets were handed out and two people were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. The group also assisted with an accident that took place, two people tried to flee from the scene but were quickly apprehended by the group. A vehicle was noted by members and when they approached the vehicle, it drove away.

This possibly prevented a crime that could have taken place. At 22:00 the Mkhondo SAPS, AfriForum and security armed response members came together to enjoy a meal at Tyremart. This gave them a chance to share what had already happened during the evening and also to plan ahead for the duration of the operation.

By daybreak, a total of 1 467 km was covered by the 38 vehicles that took part. Members of the community also gave their full cooperation. Thank you to everyone who offered up their evening and took part in making Mkhondo a safer place.

We also thank local businesses and residents for the sponsorship of the food for the evening. We hope to see more outreaches where members of the community work together.

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