Month-end Madness

Month-end Madness in the streets of Piet Retief

Mkhondo becomes a whirlwind of activity at the Month-end Madness, as people stream to the banks and shops to claim their paychecks and spend their money according to their needs.

On Saturday, 1 June 2019, Mkhondo was Month-end Madness as queues outside of banks started forming early on. People with no access to internet banking have no choice but to endure early mornings and harsh conditions to draw their money.

Although most people received their salaries earlier during the last week of the month, the chaos spills over into the weekend, as work schedules make it almost impossible for workers to draw their money beforehand.

Month-end Madness
Early morning queues to draw salaries and wages

The madness doesn’t stop there, after receiving their money, people head to stores to buy the necessary food and other products for the month. This causes shops to be almost inaccessible if you only want to run in and get meat for your Saturday night braai. Tips to avoid the month-end madness:

  1. Work out your budget in a way that ensures that you have money available until after the end of the month, by doing this you do not have to depend solely on the money that gets paid into your bank account. You can avoid having to stand in a queue at the bank.
  2. Try to hold off your monthly shopping trip until the last Sunday of the month, instead of doing it on a Saturday. By then, most of the chaos will be over and you can have a more peaceful shopping experience.
  3. If it is not possible for you to wait until after month end, it is better to do what you need to do early in the morning or in the late afternoon. Going in the middle of the day will make it that much more difficult.
  4. When waiting patiently in queues, ensure that your personal belongings are out of sight or that you have a tight grip on it.

Month-end is the perfect time for criminals to rob vulnerable people and steal their hardearned money. If possible, avoid going into town during month-end weekend and if it can’t be helped, be sure to stay safe!