Ignoring dangers of burning leaves

Burning leaves

Although an article about the dangers of burning leaves was published in the Excelsior News only two weeks ago, it seems like residents of Mkhondo are still ignoring just how dangerous it really is.

So again, we would like to remind you that you are putting yourself and the people around you in jeopardy when burning leaves. A fire can quickly get out of control and you may think that you’ve got it covered, when the unimaginable can happen.

The smoke from the fires that you are setting is also harmful when inhaled. Children, people with respiratory problems and pregnant women are all suffering simply because you are too lazy to dispose of the leaves in the correct manner.

We urge the general public to report such fires to officials immediately, as this may prevent serious injuries. We also ask, again, that you stop burning your leaves. Feel free to read our previous article (published on 31 May 2019) for creative and more efficient ways to get rid of those pesky leaves.

To report any fires, please contact Mr Anton Nortje of the Mkhondo Emergency Services on 079 872 8989. It is illegal to start a fire outside of designated areas.