Expired food confiscated

Expired food confiscated

Raid on shops for counterfeit/ expired food items.

On 29 May 2019, a raid, led by the Mkhondo cluster SAPS, took place in Driefontein. This raid was a part of an ongoing process by law enforcement officers, to seize and destroy expired and/or counterfeit foods / expired food.

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They started this process because of concern for the health and safety of our community members. Not only do these shops keep their shelves stocked with expired items that may seem affordable to people that do not understand the concept of expiry dates.

Expired food confiscated
The food that was confiscated

But in many cases shop owners also live in their shops, which make the shops unhygienic, especially the ones that prepare and sell food to the general public. This operation also included officials from ESKOM.

They inspected electricity boxes to check if business owners were up to date with their accounts and then proceeded to cut off electricity if their accounts were not fully paid. This process is a good effort to ensure the safety of local consumers and we hope to see more efforts like this.