Asidlale visits Zamakuhle Crèche

Zamakuhle crèche

On Thursday, 23 May 2019, the Asidlale team headed to Volksrust to train the teachers at Kathy Kruger’s Zamakuhle crèche.

In 2018, they also visited the crèche and trained the teachers on the Asidlale 1 Box, they also supplied some items to get them started. A year later, and the team was delighted to see that they have been incorporating the Asidlale boxes to run their daily programmes.

Whenever Asidlale does training, they start trainees/community members out with the Asidlale 1 Play Box. This is an apple box full of stationery, magazines, colouring sheets, playdough, building blocks, bean bags, balls, etc. The activities are all coordinated by a Daily Activity Sheet (from Monday to Friday).

Every day has a prayer, song, exercises and a craft/ play activity such as colouring, cutting and pasting, craft necklaces, etc. The box has enough content for 5 children (aged between 3 and 6) and lasts for about 5 months, if used correctly.

When those 5 months have passed, they then visit their trainees for follow up training on the Asidlale 2 Play Box. They replenish some of the used or broken stationery and supply a new set of Daily Activities for the future. These include new prayers, songs, exercises and craft/ play activities for example ‘Emoji Bingo’ and numbered eggbox counters.

The exercises included are more of the crossover variety to teach children to distinguish between left and right – so putting the right hand on the left foot, throwing a beanbag from the right hand to the left, etc.

They also try to include games that help to improve hand-eye coordination. Help from Asidlale is greatly appreciated as Kathy operates her crèche with her own money and no support from the government. This crèche is the only one in the whole Platrand/Perdekop area and they have about 30 children that attend regularly.

The three teachers that work at the crèche are currently receiving no compensation – they are doing it purely out of love. Kathy is currently also running a tuck shop from her home and uses the profits to buy food and other supplies for the crèche.

This crèche serves as a safe haven for so many young children and with help from the community, we can certainly make an even bigger difference. If you feel the need to donate to Asidlale, in order for them to keep helping the ones who need it the most, feel free to contact Wendy McSeveney of TTN (Thol’ulwazi Thol’impilo Network) on 072 507 4393.