Asidlale team visits Thoko’s Crèche in Vezinyawo

Asidlale team visits Thoko’s Crèche in Vezinyawo

On Thursday, 25 April 2019, the Asidlale team visited Thokos Crèche in Vezinyao, near Amsterdam.

Thoko’s Crèche received training from the Asidlale team earlier this month and has also done training with Thandi, of the Tshwane University of Technology.

Thoko’s Crèche has no support from the government, luckily she has an assistant teacher to help her with the 19 children that she has in her childcare centre. The nursery received some supplies from the Asidlale team and the kids enjoy playing with the different colours play dough and cookie cutters from the boxes.

Asidlale team visits Thoko’s Crèche in Vezinyawo
The little wooden shack

Thoko’s Crèche has made her crèche available as a centre where the Asidlale team members can reach out to other ladies in the community. These ladies will be taught how to make crocheted bags out of plastic shopping bags, a skill that could help them provide for their families in the future.

Thoko’s Crèche is a very basic little wooden shack with charts on the walls to help with lessons and she could do with a few items to help her and the children. A carpet for the kids to sit on as winter is fast approaching and the class is cold.

A bookshelf or two for neatly storing games and books, would be greatly appreciated. If you feel it in your heart to donate any of these items, please contact Wendy McSeveney of TTN (Thol’ulwazi Thol’impilo Network) on 072 507 4393.