The annual Mondi Fire Open Day

Mondi Fire Open Day

On Thursday, 25 April 2019, Mondi held their annual Piet Retief area Fire Open Day, which was a roaring success.

The day started at 07:00 when the five teams that were participating, arrived to start setting up for the day. Truck inspections started at 08:00, after the opening and welcomings. The teams that participated were Derby Forest, Tower Forest, Vrede Forest, Mooihoek Forest and Amakhaya Forest.

Their trucks were inspected to check that all safety features were up to standard, the neatness of the truck, if the equipment was up to date and the discipline of the crew members and their leaders.

The day was made even more spectacular with a company that trains sniffer dogs and attack dogs, visiting from the Cape. They demonstrated how their dog (Tipsy), can sniff out different types of drugs. They also demonstrated how their attack dog (Egor) will attack an assailant. Teams also received medical training, so that they know what to do in the case of a burn injury.

The day was not only enjoyed by Mondi employees, but also by four local schools. Workers explained how their equipment operates and even let the children operate some of the equipment.

Surely a good motivation for children wanting to build a career in this direction. After the inspection of the trucks, the teams went out in the field to execute a practical demonstration with their fire trucks. All of this is in preparation for our region’s upcoming fire season. After a day of fierce competition, the Amakhaya Team reigned victorious.

Derby Forest came in at a close second and in third place was Vrede Forest. Well done to the winners and beter luck to the other teams next year. Thank you for keeping all employees well-trained and ready for action.